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Boutique Airbnb Management Done Right.

Military and First Responder discounts available

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Here's what we do differently:
  • Owners have access to their listing 24/7 and in real time. You see how we respond to guests, what the guests are asking and how we're handling the customer service. You can be as much a part of the process as you'd like to be, you don't have to feel like you're giving up total control. Unless of course, you'd like to!
  • Owners have the option of getting paid via instant PayPal transfer as the guest payments come in or, receiving one monthly payment with . See contract for further information.
  • Owners can see every penny that comes in and out of their listing account. We firmly believe in transparency, which is why we provide detailed monthly statements. Platinum clients get an annual set of financial statements as well that can include Profit/Loss, Tax deduction statements, Revenue analysis and more.
  • We give you the option of a monthly flat rate fee OR a percentage of revenue. For our busiest clients, the flat rate can save you upwards of $700+ per month. We don't charge more, we DO more.
  • We have housekeepers on staff, not random people that come in as needed. They will get to know every detail of your home, create a checklist with photos, and take photos after each check out and before each check-in so that you are aware of each guest departure and what each new guest is going to see.
  • We're working on an online Client Profile where you can see your booking calendar, your check-out photos to see how guests left the home, post cleaning photos before guest arrival, your inventory/supply lists and financial statements 24/7.
  • We will custom create a professional guest book as well as design an entirely custom welcome gift for your guests with the Platinum Package. They'll leave with fabulous memories of your home, their vacation and a longing to return.
  • We go the extra mile, every time. Daniella herself, will create your listing's housekeeping guide, train your housekeeper on how you want each detail of your home, view and upload each round of checkout/check-in photos and be hands-on for you and your listing, every step of the way. Let her incredible experience take your home and revenue to new limits.

Our Platinum Package

Flat Monthly Rate of: $1100 or Percentage of Monthly Revenue: 30%
Flat rates can save you up to $700+ per month*

Everything in the Gold Package Plus:

  • Upon Contract Signing

    • Property Inspection

    • Design suggestion and implementation of materials, furniture covers, linens, textiles that are guest-resistant and cost effective to manage (while always looking chic and maintaining owner’s palette)

    • Furniture placement assessment to maximize functionality and price point

    • Photos of listing

    • Listing Creation

    • Custom hashtag for guests to use while visiting to increase marketing and reach

    • Custom designed welcome gift for that extra touch of hospitality

    • Landscape suggestions for cost effectiveness and functionality to drive nightly price up

  • Photos taken after each check out before each check-in and then filed in our Cloud, under the clients file, for legal protection and guest retention. Owners can log in and see all photos at any time—we welcome you to keep an eye on your home and see how wonderfully we keep it.

  • Physical inspections after check out to include: sitting on each piece of furniture, turning them over to ensure no damage plus proper documentation of damage and/or missing dishware, linens, towels, toys, beach equipment, design pieces, etc.

  • Maintenance

    • Batteries for keyless locks

    • Camera function

    • Smoke detectors

    • Windows and screens

    • Locks and safety mechanisms

    • Fencelines

    • Garage doors

    • Washer/dryer cleaning and repair (if repair is necessary, we’ll bill client)

    • Landscape if package option is chosen

    • and more

  • Creation of inventory list plus

    • Shopping for all necessities (supply costs added to monthly invoice)

    • Stocking of all supplies including toiletries, textiles, batteries, dishware, etc

​​​​Landscape is an additional option we offer for a flat monthly fee which will be dependent on size of property

​*savings based on $6000/mo or more in revenue (which is a typical average in busy season)

Our Gold Package
Flat Monthly Rate of: $900 or Percentage of Monthly Revenue: 27%
Flat rates can save you up to $700+ per month*
  • Listing management on Airbnb (we’ll include VRBO as well if owner desires)

  • Pricing to include constant market analysis and price increase/decrease to remain the most competitive

  • Guest communications from booking inquiry to check-out, as well as after check-out follow ups

  • Design suggestions and market analysis of property

  • Safety checks

    • Doors, locks, cameras, windows, smoke alarms, etc

  • Check out inspections and photo documenting

  • 5 star cleanings

    • Kitchen

    • Bathrooms

    • Common Spaces

    • Floors

    • Windows

    • Changing Bedding + Towels

    • Laundry service if time provides

      • If there is not enough time between check out and check in to finish the laundry, the housekeeper will bring the soiled laundry to the office to be washed, labeled, stored and returned on next check out. Owners are expected to have at least 3 sets of all things laundry (sheets, pillowcases, towels, beach towels) and at least 2 sets of decorative laundry (comforters, formal pillow shams, throw pillow covers, etc)

    • Lanai

      • Sweeping

      • Wipe down furniture

      • Washing/bleaching furniture and covers if needed

      • Dusting screens

      • Slider door and window cleaning

  • Check-out finalization

    • Inspections, documenting, safety checks

  • Restocking of supplies

    • Toiletries

    • Laundry

    • Refreshments + welcome gifts or treats

    • Air fresheners or essential oil diffusing

  • Review follow-up

    • Requesting positive reviews from guests after their stay ends


Landscape is an additional option we offer for a flat monthly fee which will be dependent on size of property

*savings based on $6000/mo or more in revenue (which is a typical average in busy season)